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I’ve never read or seen the play which was written by JM Barrie. What I know of Peter Pan is based on the Disney movie which I saw ages ago and that Hook movie where Robin Williams play the adult Peter Pan…yes go figure. So I do know the basic storyline. Wendy the girl on the verge of womanhood who has been told by her parents to grow up. Peter , the boy who never grows up. Peter listening to Wendy’s stories and taking her and her brothers away to Neverland. Then there’s the Lost Boys and of course Captain Hook…yes I do know the basic. Have to say though that even as a child Peter Pan just wasn’t the story that I was really particularly interested off or fascinated by.


But I am really really glad to have finally decided to watch this movie four years after its theatrical release. This movie was fantastic. It was magical. I loved the fact they used pretty much relative unknowns to play the lead of Peter and Wendy…and they truly were their part and there was great chemistry between the leads too. Jeremy’s Peter was brash, cocky, charming, brave and mischievous…He was the boy who never grew up. And boy did he really flew…Must be hard on his part doing all those stunts. And then there’s Wendy the girl who captured Peter’s attention and ours too. Rachel’s Wendy was sweet, innocent, wide eyed with curiosity, brave, adventurous, maternal and extremely mature with the inevitable fact that in the end they all had to go home and grow up.


The story itself was great with all its symbolism and was told in such a charming manner. You know what… I also thought the set was pretty cool too. From Captain Hook’s ship to the Lost Boys’cave to the forests of Neverland…it looks like the ultimate playground for the children who never grow up. Wish you could explore and fly too don’t you? Honestly I never thought I would enjoy or like the movie as I did…I finally get why the story of Peter Pan appealed to a lot of people. By the end of it…I wanted to be 12 again too. I mean I’d rather be 12 and hate the idea of growing than actually be a grown up.

I loved it. I found the movie truly magical. Great fun for kids and the whole family. I would definitely recommend this movie.

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