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Often called the male version of The Craft…yes…substitute 4 witches with four warlocks…and film them 10 years later…ta-dah…we have the Covenant.

The story: The first born male from four families all have supernatural powers and gains full power by the age of 18. But the powers are addictive…use it too much…and it will weaken and age them. Adding danger…the son of the fifth banished family has arrived, driven by revenge and greed, to destroy and steal their powers.

covenant2.jpgYou know what…I thought the story was interesting…it had the whole supernatural thing going on…it actually had potential…what a waste though…The bad script…the bad lines…and the acting…the horrible acting…pretty much ruined whatever potential it might have…and Wasn’t Pogue just robotic. The special effects…well that was so-so too….I liked the whole car crashing and resembling part…that was pretty much it…the others were just energy balls being thrown around…something like that.

Overall…Well…no surprise…it wasn’t great. But hey…I didn’t think it was horrible horrible…It is after all a teen supernatural flick…take it for what it is. And for what it was…it was rather entertaining…I wasn’t bored… 🙂 even with the horrible acting and lines…which was sometimes quite funny.


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John Tucker Must Die (2006)

A couple of high school girls decide to get back at the school jock for three timing them by using the new girl as bait.

First I have to say I actually like the movie’s poster. And with a title like that…I never knew it was a teen flick ( before it was actually released of course)…I actually thought it was something like Kill Bill…only more cheeky. It was only after checking it on IMDB did I find it was a teen flick. And even the trailer looks pretty good. So yes I was interested to see how the actual film was going to turn out.

Seeing that this is a teen flick, my expectations weren’t very high…thus I didn’t find the movie quite bad. It was cute, fun, flirty and cheeky…and there were even a few laughs here and there. The storyline…it has been said.. does borrow some elements from mean girls…the sabotaging the popular student…etc..but come on its a teen flick…you can hardly expect it to be original. And sure this flick has its cheesy moments…typical predictable plot (new girl transform into popular girl)…and corny dialogue…but overall I still enjoyed it…still found it entertaining…wait…you know what…the ending wasn’t all that predictable. I guess the trick is to leave all expectations at the door.
I did though find the cast to be too old to play the characters they’re playing…especially Ashanti and Jesse Metcalfe…just because you’re good looking does not mean you look young enough to play a 17 year old.

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Lovewrecked (2005)

Amanda Bynes plays Jenny a girl crazy in love with her rock star idol. So when she happens to fall overboard with her idol when on a cruise…and gets marooned on a seemingly deserted island….she hides the fact that they were still on the resort island…just to spend more time with him.

Amanda Bynes plays the typical character she usually plays. The talkative, goofy girl but also incredibly book smart. Here shes actually going to study medcine in college…while in What I Like About You she almost got into Columbia…I mean seriously its getting old…why can’t she play a normal girl…stuck working at the local supermarket with no future ahead and still be goofy. All her characters are carbon copies.

Anyway back to the movie…its ok…not much to say really…the usual teen flick kinda stuff…fun cute and cheery. There were a few funny moments…nothing that stands out though. I bet you can probably guess the ending right now…all happy of course. Would only recommend this if one…you absolutely love teen flicks and two…love Amanda Bynes…otherwise skip this one.

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Slap Her… She’s French (2002)

A popular high school cheerleader, Starla, takes in a french foreign exchange student,Genevieve, into her home and school. Turns out…the initially timid Genevieve is plotting to steal Starla’s popularity and identity.

Typical teen flick. There are some laughs here and there but it wasn’t hilarious or anything. Starla is the dumbest pretty cheerleader you’d probably see and Genevieve…only Starla and her dumb witted friends and family would think she’s actually French. In the end we find that Genevieve used to go to the same school as Starla when they were younger and was trying to get back at her for whatever she did…I can’t really remember…yes the story doesn’t really stick to mind. Watch it only if you have nothing else to watch or just absolutely love teen flicks.

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Just My Luck (2006)

Lindsay Lohan plays Ashley, the luckiest woman on earth. She’s young, has a great career, gets a taxi whenever she wants and the sun always shine when she’s out. But it all changes when she kisses a stranger at a costume party. He is the unluckiest man on earth and they somehow change their luck.

I read or heard somewhere that this was suppose to be Lindsay’s first venture into more adult roles…the character Ashley is about 23…but I didn’t really think it worked. She was hardly believable as a 23 year old….and a career woman??…No no…she still looked like as if she’s in high school. I’m not sure who’s to blame…her for not being able to play the role?…but then again it may have been written that way. The story and the script are pretty weak. Everything is just soo cheesy (Don’t you think it also has horrible posters?). And I can’t believe they actually have McFly in it…didn’t know until I watch the movie…obviously desperately trying to break into the American market. I think you can always tell that a movie is going to be bad once you see a pop band weaved into it as a back story.

Basically yes it was quite bad. Not something I would watch again. Its a movie for those who love teen flicks, romantic comedies or anyone below the age of 12.

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She’ the Man (2006)

A friend of mine recommended this movie. She told me that it was a funny movie. I wasn’t really too keen on it. I’ve outgrown watching teen flicks…they no longer appeal to me…but I do watch them from time to time. And if you’re not having too good a day…and just want to sit back and watch a movie where you don’t have to… pretty much think…then teen flicks are it…so are romantic comedies by the way.

So I finally watched it.What can I say…its pretty much for the tween/teen population…with plenty of good looking 20 somethings still playing teenage roles. Amanda Bynes still looks like she’s playing her role of Holly from What I Like About You. The story: Viola(Amanda) disguises as her brother Sebastian so she could join the schools boys soccer team…the point being , to show that she is as good as any boy at playing soccer. Viola’s/Sebastian’s roomate is Duke, who has a crush on Olivia but Olivia has a crush on Sebastian…and along the way, Viola/Sebastian falls for Duke…and so occurs some comical mishaps. OK so the movie is funny but there wasn’t any real laugh out loud moments.And of course it is predictable too.I think it would have been a pretty decent movie for the genre…if not for the overflow of cheese. The scene where Viola/Sebastian had her friends act like they were lusting over her were over done. One friend was enough. And they had to make Duke disapprove of Sebastians objectification of girls?? And near the end they had Duke’s friend profess his love for the nerdy girl??? How much cheesy moments can they throw into a movie?

Overall though, its a fun movie for the kids,with good looking people and a pretty good sountrack filled with fairly recent pop tunes that were very fitting for the film.If you love teen flicks I’m sure you love this one too. You might also want to check out 10 Things I Hate About You, O and Romeo and Juliet…all based on William Shakespeare’s work.

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